People Come to the Hamptons for the Beeches

May 02, 2014 |


One of our Tree Farm grown beeches being loaded onto a trailer earlier this week. The tree has left NY and is headed to another state. It’s an investment to have a tree of that size travel and it’s a huge compliment when our trees are chosen to make the trip.

Beeches are large deciduous trees notable for their smooth grey bark, attractive leaves and imposing size. Beeches are slow growers and difficult to transplant, but once they reach maturity they tend to be very long lived with few major issues.

Fagus sylvatica, also known by the name European beech or common beech, is native to Europe.  Colonists brought the tree over to America in the mid-1700s.  A popular tree with branches that often reach to the ground, European beeches are usually smaller than their American counterparts. They also tend to have darker grey bark and untoothed leaf margins. Prized as a specimen Fagus sylvatica has many cultivars; our Tree Farm grows over 15 common and unusual varieties.   

Fagus orientalis or Oriental beech. This species can grow to be larger than other beeches, the leaves are longer and branching forms a spreading, rounded crown.

Fagus grandifolia, American beech, is native to Eastern North America. American beeches have a dense upright and oval or rounded crown, and some low branching.