Brookhaven National Laboratory Gets New Nyssas

Jul 12, 2014 |

In July 2013 Brookhaven National Laboratory transported their 17-ton, 50ft diameter electromagnet Muon g-2 Ring from Long Island to Illinois. To move the expensive and delicate structure the Laboratory had to cut down several trees on the property. This week a team from Whitmores replaced several of those trees with native Tulepos. broohaven unload small

For more information about the magnet move:

setting tree small

Common Name: Tupelo, also known as Black Tupelo Black Gum, Sour Gum

Latin Name: Nyssa sylvatica

A native deciduous tree which can reach up to 50ft in height. Hardiness zone 4 to 9. Characterized by dark rigged bark that can appear almost black on some trees. Leaves are green and turn into colors of yellow, orange, purple or reddish in the fall. Nyssas make excellent specimens, and because of their adaptability are often used as street trees.