Tree Care

With the largest tree farm on the East End, certified arborists and botanists on staff, and experience with native and exotic trees, you can trust the team at Whitmores to provide the highest standard of care to your trees.

  • Tree pruning: Experts custom prune according to the highest industry standards while considering aesthetics, shade, structure, privacy and plant health and growth.
  • Hazard assessment: Whitmores visits your property and trees prior to or after hurricanes or storms. We remove dead or broken branches, remove low branches for clearance space, and minimize rubbing or crossed branches.
  • Tree preservation, cabling and bracing: Whitmores has long been committed to saving and preserving trees whenever possible. We focus on doing whatever we can to preserve a tree before we suggest removal.
  • Tree removal: After a storm or for any other reason, Whitmores can remove any trees or branches, as needed.
  • Member of the Certified Treecare Safety Professional program