Site Prep

Whitmores landscaping is qualified in every aspect of site preparation, from wetland restoration to re-contouring. We can assess your property for plants of value to the landscape, perform an inventory and classify the plants on the site.

Whitmores will work with you before, during and after construction or property alterations to ensure that your plants are completely protected. Our experienced team will plan and implement proper protections to prevent potential damage like root zone trauma and soil structure disturbance. We often amend soil in order to sustain uniquely placed plants, and alleviate the site of disruptions such as soil compaction due to construction, ensuring proper drainage and other plant health requirements.

Our staff is capable of fully prepping a site for construction, from clearing an area of trees, rocks, and debris to grading, digging trenches and re-contouring.

  • Clearing and grading of your property
  • Landscape contracting
  • Protecting trees during construction: preservation and coordination between arborist and others involved during projects, including aftercare