Large Curly Willow Planting

Jul 12, 2013 |


This week we planted a few of our Tree Farm trees on a property. It’s an exciting process to watch because large trees literally transform a landscape in the few hours it takes to install them. At this property we also had the chance to check on crape myrtle trees that we planted years ago. They seem to have established themselves beautifully.


Take a look at the process of moving a large tree:


The curly willow was tied up for transport to the job site. Our foreman Isabel ready to go


The stone walkway was removed, planks were laid and the garden plants were tied to ensure that there was no damage done to the site



The tree is lowered into it’s new home


Whitmore’s crew waiting to begin shoveling as soon as the tree is settled. Adding dirt where needed around the ball will help stabilize the tree and ensure that it’s planted straight in the ground


A crape myrtle being installed on the same property, in the back yard


Existing crape myrtle, planted years previous by Whitmores


Complimentary pair



A set of crape myrtle trees, planted in previous years by Whitmores, accent pool seating