How to Care for Your Hydrangea

Aug 21, 2014 |

Hydrangeas are plant staples in Hamptons landscapes. Here are some general guidelines for how to care for your hydrangea:

General care guidelines for your Hydrangea:

-Choose a spot where your hydrangea will receive part shade to sun

-Water as needed to maintain evenly moist soil.

-Newly planted hydrangeas may wilt during the heat of the day; yellow leaf discoloration may indicate over-watering.

Do not prune in the fall. Prune when there is growth, usually in the spring or the summer.

-Hydrangea blooms peak in the summer, but  blooms may occur from spring into fall.

-Slow Release Fertilizer: Use common fertilizer that gradually supplies nutrients in 6-8 weeks.

-Acidic Fertilizer: Best for acid loving plants & when leaves turn yellow on new growth plants.

            *Acidic Fertilizers make blooms bluer, less acid in the soil will cause flo

Do not fertilize in the late summer

*excludes Tree Form and field plants